June 26th, 2007

E on side


I'm busy with all the things that need doing, but here's a post anyway. I just picked 2 quarts of blueberries which will be sorted and shipped...the ones I don't immediately eat. Bushes #2-4 are coming in nicely and one of the new ones as well. These have fatter berries that are very sweet on a mature bush. Bush #1 comes in first, but it's a bit frustrating as the berries seem to take longer to ripen properly. They're always a bit more tart, which makes them better for a pie and less nice in your yogurt.

Miss E became concerned about our sun and its age. She is convinced that our sun will expand and swallow the earth in her lifetime. I had her convinced that our sun is a mere baby and then she told this news to Weatherdude. Physicist that he is, he corrected her and told her the sun is really middle-aged. (Where's my revolver when I need it?) Middle-aged to Miss E is very old indeed. She was once again convinced that the sun would die in her lifetime.

Option #1: I told E that not everyone believes that the sun will expand and swallow the closer planets. For instance, people who believe in Jesus generally think such talk is nonsense. Only the second coming has validity. She seemed to think that believing in Jesus to protect her was a pretty good idea and would I tell her more about him. And btw, does everyone on earth believe in Jesus? No, I told her. There are many gods and many beliefs. Jesus is one of them and very common in the old US of A.

Option #2: Scientists (had to explain what they were) watch the sun. By the time the sun is ready to get larger and swallow the near planets, they will have warned everyone. And other scientists will have built us rocket ships to go to new planets. When the sun dies, we won't be here anymore. We will be somewhere else. And all our cats, dogs and chickens, too. And some of our dirt and our plants and all her stuff. Around this house, belief in science is pretty much where it's at. She could accept this idea pretty well.

And than a warning to her, from her mommy. I told her that if she doesn't listen in school when they talk about reduce, reuse, recycle, it won't matter when the sun gets old. We will have used up our planet. That the reason the house is sometimes hot or cold is because her mommy is reducing the amount of electricity she uses, so think about it. That it's up to her and all her friends and many, many other people to make sure the earth is still around when the sun gets old.

Off to bed for books, no more discussion of Jesus or the sun.

But her tv choice this morning? Magic School Bus Sees Stars...the one that discusses what stars do as they age.

Frog Out

The Postscript

Deserving of its own blog entry...absolutely awesome discussion of feminist literature in an interview here: http://aqueductpress.blogspot.com/2007/06/brief-conversation-with-susanna-j.html

It's called a 'brief conversation' but it was anything but. In spite of all I have going on, it was worth taking the time to read it. May I humbly suggest that some of my f-list do the same. And esp. touching was a quote from one of Adrienne Rich's poems, a family friend.

Frog Out