July 3rd, 2007


Oh My!

So busy. Busy, busy, busy. Well, not really. I've had so many headaches and sudden bouts of exhaustion that I can't say I've been as busy as I could be. But I do read through the various ms. every day now. Usually in the mornings and evenings. I'm sloooooooow. Right now I read. Later when I've had time to mull them over, I will write comments.

Meanwhile, Miss E's party looms. The great Peter Pan story. Possibly without Peter, but definitely with Captain Hook and Mr. Smee. Not a lot of kids will be coming, but the storyline is what's important.

Next year, E says she just wants a giant bounce event, no story, no personalized party. Sigh.

At E's daycamp, they have a sleepover if you're at least 8 for one night in each two week session. The first one of the summer is on E's birthday. And she wants to do it. Yippee! I'm pushing for it but also trying to stay casual about it. Must tell Weatherdude not to mention the word "thunder" in any way, shape or form if he wants her to go. Sometimes I think he doesn't. Today I grilled the camp director on what they do and how it works so E will know ahead of time what to expect. She's psyched. Might be the one and only time, but hey, maybe she will really get into it. The director said all the counselors will be there for it, including herself. So there's a mom-in-charge, so to speak.

A sleepover will help us get ready for the party. Assuming we remember to do things to get ready for the party instead of acting like a couple of kids.

Frog Out