July 21st, 2007


Lost in the Albuquerque Airport

I KNEW I should have taken that left toin at Albuquerque!

Here I sit, watching the afternoon thunderstorms (cells) build. Weatherdude says it's hit or miss and majorly depends on where exactly these thunderstorms (cells) occur as to whether I get home reasonably close to the (rescheduled) time.

Originally, I was on a flight to Salt Lake City and then to Washington. Flight was 35 minutes late leaving and Delta had given me only 50 minutes to connect. Guy at the gate was not certain I could make my connection and said they wouldn't keep the plane for me. So he rebooked me on AA through DFW (Dallas-Fort Worth). At least I'm familiar with that airport. I've never been through the SLC airport. And at least my connection time is longer, around 90 minutes. However, I now arrive at Dulles at midnight instead of 11pm. So it's harder on the Dude and Miss E to pick me up, but that's still the plan.

Wish me good connections from here on out.

What a way to end a workshop!
Frog Out