August 13th, 2007

Taos Toolbox Oz


Ruby was a secret child. She was born in a faraway land no one has ever heard of where the king levies a tax on every child. Every child except Ruby, whose birth had never been recorded on the king's list of children.

I think that works as an alternate opening paragraph. That's what the old brain came up with. At long last. Jeez. I have more understanding of how the plot and character arc has to unfold than I do of the actual words. Not like me at all. Usually the words come streaming out and I have to trim them back like crazy and reorganize them into something that approaches coherent storytelling. Now that I've filled my toolbox with "stuff" I seem to be having a completely different set of problems.

In other news, we're off to the New England Aquarium and all the delightful penguins this afternoon.


The Next Generation

The next generation of writers may get published before I do, at least in a vanity press. E is busy selecting the photos for her annual book and providing captions. My sister has written 3 thus far, from age 5 to age 7, all centered on her Nahant trips. While E has always been interested in the photos, this is the first year she has been active in selecting photos and writing text to go with it. To encourage her in this process, I'm abstaining from her normal 'writing' homework where she has to make up a 3-4 sentence story with a beginning, middle and end.

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