August 16th, 2007



Considering air travel these days, we did pretty well. On-time flights and just bumpy rides in clear air. I kind of enjoy that if I'm not trying to pour soda or write. As I mentioned, E is now convinced that the airline that flies tv's everywhere is the ONLY airline worth flying. And there were a lot of emergency vehicles on the tarmac surrounding an Air Canada plane, but of course no one told us anything. We were spaced 7 minutes apart, so we waited almost 15 minutes to take off with 2 planes ahead of us. Typical for a 6:30pm flight, frankly. And that's when you're thankful for the tv, because otherwise you're not allowed to use a dvd player, computer or even an ipod. Very wise move on their part.

So we check in. You use a kiosk. It prints boarding passes. You take your bags to the counter. The lady frowns at you and tells you to put them on the scale one at a time, please. And then the following bizarre conversation takes place:
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