August 21st, 2007

Dread Pirate

No Excuse

E got up very late this morning, 10am. It being summer, I let her sleep. I'm hoping growth spurt and cloudy morning as causes, not being sick. She says she feels fine. But there's not too much point in the Mommy School From Hell today. Medicine not kicking in until 11:30 and leaving for gymnastics at 12:30 kind of cramps the schedule. So she scores some tv instead. I suppose we could do some reading this afternoon, though I was tempted to go chasing for shoes, which she's pretty much grown out of.

But that's all background noise.

I found, in this unusual silence this morning, that I can actually outline Ruby. In a Shakespearean 5 Acts, even. Heaping abuse on my character as I go.

And if I can do that, then I can write it, can't I? So that's the title to this post. No excuse.

And since I lifted weights yesterday, there's no reason I can't feel justified in writing today. Gym tomorrow.

But meanwhile, before we leave, I should start her laundry and make a pot of soup and pack our things for the afternoon, get dressed and make the beds.

But I do have this outline thingy. And I'm trying to just accept that. Not be intimidated by it, not dismiss it either.

Frog Out

No Excuse, Part Deux

E and I went to my post office box on Friday last. Sad little box, that. Pretty empty at this time of year, although I'm waiting to hear on a submission and it was regularly packed with [ugh] tax return info earlier in the year.

I did order some things to be sent there and it sprouts local newspapers twice a week, so sometimes it's not all stainless aluminum sterility, but it's generally blah.

Not so on Friday. On Friday it sprouted a little present. A tiny package marked 'books' from Canada. But not a book. An empty personal journal, all very un-US in style and exotic. All the way from British Columbia. Someone was thinking of me out there and that was very, very cool. I felt loved. And writerly.

Frog Out