August 22nd, 2007


More Stuff

I had more time yesterday for writing. My shoulders were sore from lifting weights the day before. I went to a new Starbucks, but here's my take on most of the Starbuck's I've visited lately. No comfy place to work. This one had a counter service, but very few tables and nothing large enough or at the right height. And then the laptop started doing a virus scan that ate up most of my main battery. Spare battery back at home, since we had been using the laptop to play dvd's in Boston. I did the drive home to get the battery because I had 1.5 hours between gymnastics camp and her regular gymnastics class. We used the time to get her some ice cream and then join Netflix using a fast connection to choose movies.

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Deja Who?

I feel like gregvaneekhout as he's interviewing coffee joints. I keep trying to find a place to work for 3 hours while E is in gymnastics camp. Of course it all ends on the 31st, so the search has limited long-term payoff. But it's so frustrating to try and find somewhere where the chair height is right for me and the table height as well. And then there's glare. I'm in a library today where at least the wifi is free, but the heights are wrong and there's glare from a window. And it's a cloudy day. Sigh. Who knew it was all so complicated? And who knew my two writing places at home were so perfect?

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