September 11th, 2007


There's Nobody Home and My House is a Mess

I have not been around.

I note that I have now been on livejournal for a year. This is probably the longest I haven't posted. Life got in the way. Life will get back out of the way in another week.

Sadly, a chicken passed yesterday, inside the permanent run. The other girls are very upset. The body had not been eaten, but a foot had been gnawed. Hens have no teeth, so it wasn't the others. The Dude will inter the body tonight when he returns from Hunstville and check the fencing again. I'm leaving the girls inside the coop today.

Last time, it rained after we interred Anya. Last night it rained for the first time in weeks. I say again, these events are oddly connected.

Frog Out

PS Happy Birthday Maralton