October 16th, 2007


More on Purdy Clothes and (gasp!) Weather

Ok, so yesterday was Blog Action Day and I seem to have hit a Weatherdude nerve with yesterday's post on the weather. The man who never comments on my blog has now commented twice on that entry and I think the second comment is even more difficult to understand than the first. Clearly, he takes this weather stuff seriously. Which is as it should be. I just wanted to be sure that regular readers knew that there's more to be said about being down 14 inches of rain than they thought. I've unscreened both of his 'anonymous' comments.

So yesterday in the Capclave entry, I noted that my purdy clothes went out for a walk at Capclave and now I was back to flannels and sweats. With good reason. Because today I was scheduled to talk to E's class (about Helen Keller and Susan B. Anthony) and one of my skirts got another walk. But the thing about me is that I am prone to add on other errands such as going to the post office and the library...and the feed store. Where I picked up two 50lb bags of feed for the chickens. And then drove the car down to the barn and unloaded them. While wearing my good clothes. So other than being warm, this is the reason I'm back in sweats and flannel. Because I can't keep my nice clothes nice. And it's very silly to get dressed up for the chickens. Although chicken feather vests are all the rage this year.

Meanwhile, back in text-book land, it said the following in the entry under Susan B. Anthony: "back then women were treated badly." The text actually used the word badly. I told the boys and girls that I didn't agree with that statement. That while it was different, it wasn't necessarily bad. However since then, we believe that everyone, not just women, should be able to vote and own property in their own names and determine their own destinies. And Susan B. Anthony believed that too. She spent a lot of her life trying to get those rights for everyone, not just women. I think a lot of women were treated 'badly' and a lot were not, but it's a modern value judgment to state it as a universal truth.

Frog Out