October 29th, 2007


That Elephant Again and A Freeze Arrives

So, back on the subject of that elephant in my life. Here is how the elephant in the city now looks. Next time I'm down there, I'll try to remember to photo the view. The website is http://www.tiberisland.com and that shows the views. They have a top floor apartment looking west (water and monument views). At one time, my father owned 4 apts on this floor, 3 on the view side.

and here is what remains of the elephant's backside, a kitchen not upgraded in 40 years. Clean, but in need of upgrade.

Meanwhile, as I said, Weatherdude said it would freeze last night (it did, of course) and his plants had to come back inside for the winter. Good thing I like plants. He's actually reduced the number, if you can believe that. But what follows is the result of yesterday's work in the living room.

As for my little countrified living room, that's here: Collapse )