October 30th, 2007


Mouse Kings

I tried to strip Mouse King down to the hijacking character's story. Limited success. I wonder if it's too soon and I don't have the right amount of distance from the critique yet. I then made the very tragic mistake of giving the purported reader more information about the character's magical ability and had my hand smacked. I *liked* saying she had a magical pheromone and anyone who came near her thought of bedding her, but was told that was science fiction, not fantasy, and was too much detail. Oh well. It's tricky, finding this line between too much specificity and too little, especially in this kind of writing that should edge neatly along the border of the erotic. Not to mention that it's *my* story and in the end, if I really want it to be a pheromone, it will be.

As I've lost my roommate for World Fantasy, I should have time to write. There aren't a lot of panels, but there are lots of readings I want to attend. Thursday. Aieee. catrambo says she's off to get her hair done. As usual, I never made the appointment, so if I call today, I can have my hair done AFTER I get back. As a way of saving money, it works.

Frog Out

Where We Write

gregvaneekhout was asking in one of his posts where we write as a change from him showing us where he writes. I had put this off hoping to have my usual assortment of "helpers" in my office with me. But by the time all the helpers show up, I'm so focused on whatever I'm doing that I forget to take a photo. Ok, so it's a poor excuse.
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Farm Work, Sort Of

I guess you can get a little weird about this reduce, reuse, recycle stuff. Personally, I hate heat pumps in the winter. They're cold at this latitude. We have one for half the house, the bedrooms being on an old oil furnace. So I can't say our taste for the burn started as pure reduce, reuse, recycle. It started because I hate heat pumps. This house came with a guzzling woodstove and a pile of hardwood. It took pretty big logs, but it was 50% efficient or maybe less. After one winter, for the family xmas present, we had a new one installed and one installed in the living room as well.

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