November 4th, 2007


WFC #3

Saturday was a very busy day at the Con. I started with a panel on Tolkien, where Chris was a panelist. Then readings, readings, readings. Paul Park's was a story he wrote as a fundraiser for Clarion West. Andy Duncan's was a story about a chicken, so you know I was all ears for that one. It's a story in Nightshade's latest anthology, the lead story. A fictional account of Flannery O'Connor's childhood encounter with a frizzled chicken she named Jesus Christ and trained to walk backward. If you've never heard Andy read, it's a treat. He knew how to edit the story to the time and still give you beginning, middle and end. I sat in on Ellen Datlow's readings from Inferno. Elizabeth Bear's story moved fast and she reads well. Ellen wouldn't let her read the punchline to it, though you could tell it was coming. After all that sitting and listening and knitting (remember the yarn shop?), I needed to stretch my legs and move around.

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