February 4th, 2008


Node Warrior

Just thought I'd mention that today's drive in rush hour was fast and furious and no one tried to push me out of their way. And I hardly pushed anyone myself.

But it was still that kind of day. I finally took the plunge and upgraded my operating system over the weekend as there was software I couldn't run without going at least one version higher. And the Dude being the Dude, I let him go for it because he said it wasn't all that difficult. (Which was enough for me to wait for the weekend when he was home.) And really, it's not his fault that I couldn't get Firefox to download today because it was now an older version and that I can't find my firewall and my AOL is weird. (AOL is pretty much always weird, but this was an entirely new weird.) I now have two versions of myself on the same hard drive as users and a new backup drive that also thinks it's me. So to collapse my multiple personalities back into (hopefully) a single one, I will not use my desktop for a few days and let the Dude attempt to redo the install over several evenings. Because, nice person that he is, he doesn't want me to have to wait until the weekend to get my main machine back.

Meanwhile, I was having a lot of fun with a piece of software designed to help you break goals and projects down into manageable tasks. And they don't mean huge projects, though it could probably handle one. They mean nit-noid projects like cleaning the garage. You start by brainstorming all the various things you need to do and work from there. When I did that, it got scary. I do a lot of small things and no wonder I'm having trouble focusing when it's all I can do to handle the ones that repeat on a schedule, like getting E to school in the morning.

And I laid out a little daily schedule for myself. Didn't manage to stick to it today, but I kind of expected that. It still needs tweaking, but it's a start. Mostly it means I need to get myself out of bed in the morning and get going if I'm going to get 6 hours of work done in a day (2 hours each on 3 separate jobs). Because that workday ends when E gets out of school and a totally different one starts.

Frog Out

PS. Alas, we are down another girl. I only found 7 in the coop tonight and with flashlights we found the deceased out in the run. Appeared to be some sort of natural causes, as opposed to marauders. Since they are a wee bit cannibalistic, the evidence was a teensy bit tampered with. But we think it was one of the featherless bipeds. I'll check in the morning, since there were two of them, there should now be only one left. The Dude will be ordering another dozen fowl this weekend for delivery in a month or so. There aren't enough of them anymore and we're down to about 2 dozen eggs a week.