February 12th, 2008

E scores!

Cool Is...

Short post.

Cool is snow drifting down lightly.

Cool is picking up a copy of, say, Asimov's, a primary market, and finding that not only do you know the names of most of the authors in that issue, but TWO of them are personal FRIENDS.

Go get the March issue. catrambo and mount_oregano both have stories in it.

Frog Out
Mouse King's Face

My Story (keep your tail off!)

Another productive day on 2 of 3 gigs, but it's time to get back to the freelance writing. Almost done with MK edits, just in time for the trip to Boston/Boskone this weekend. So, somewhere around an A minus today because I let the girls out on time and drafted a client's return, too.

But what's interesting (only to me) are the MK edits and what's happening. It's weird, because it's Blossom's story, not his, but I still think a lot about the Mouse King himself.

So here are various photos of no interest to anyone in particular, but I wanted to commemorate some part of this process: Collapse )