March 3rd, 2008

E on side

E News

Friday we went to the doctor for a routine check of vitals because E is on meds. E has grown an inch in the past 11 months. She grew 1.5 inches from summer to summer when she went to the doctor in August, her last visit. Normal is 2-3 inches per year at her age. At 1.5 inches per year, E was projected to be between 5'2" and 5'5" tall at her full height. At 1 inch per year, there's little chance she would break five feet. She's 9 in a few months and not even 48 inches tall. Just shy of it by a half inch, which in E terms is 6 months unless she slows more. And, in her doctor's opinion, meds are not to blame because her weight is squarely in the middle for her height. He felt she should be on the low side if the meds were to blame.

E began life almost 9 years ago right about at the 50th percentile for length and weight. She had dropped to the 20th percentile last summer and I didn't want to ask where she is now, but it's less than that. E is officially small and I'm reminded (and not in a good way) of one of the characters in Hotel New Hampshire, Lilly was it?

Poor E. She goes in for a visit where nothing is supposed to happen and they draw blood for tests. Because now they want to know why E is small. It's not going to be easy to get her to go to the doctor's next time. Last time it was an unscheduled shot for chicken pox, this time it was blood. But she was the most amazing trooper. For the first time, she listened to us explain the procedure and didn't freak out when it actually happened to her. Instead of irrational screams and struggles, she only needed her arm held still (second attempt) and kept saying "ok" in a small voice. She even managed to answer questions. It never touched me, hurt me, half so much when she screamed as those quiet "ok"s did.

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