March 8th, 2008


Forgot This Part

Oh and when we went to the grocery store today and they had jalapeno cheese bagels, I had to get one, in spite of my current campaign to avoid breads. It's a Taos Toolbox thing. And the fact that it's a grocery store version of a bagel just made it all the more nostalgic. Just ate half of it. MMMMMM.

And how weird is this? E's reading book for school had this story in it about a boy who needed to bring something to school for International Day 'from his culture.' His parents own a bakery and he helps his mother make several Mexican items and then he helps his father make bagels and challah. And then he helps them both make, yes, jalapeno bagels. And that's what he takes because it brings the two sides of his family together.

And if that weren't weird enough, the story refers to "changa" squares and when I checked the recipe, it's what's commonly known as 'blonde' brownies. Only I know them as Congo Squares. So the recipe my mother found somewhere when I was a child all those many years ago may have been based in this recipe and the name a corruption. I've never before seen a name that was so close and in all the years I was growing up and making these Congo Squares, no one had ever heard that name before.

Making me hungry, this stuff is.
Frog Out