March 10th, 2008


Posting from Sekrit Location


Maybe slavedriver (not) won't notice that I'm surfing and posting instead of writing.

It's my last full day here in the Super Sekrit Regeneration Location. The novel has been blessed as good in Her sight, what there is of it, which was a HUGE questionmark in my head. Big sigh of relief. I also got some very wise feedback on the story Stan bought that I needed to hear. I am such a fricking neophyte some days. But everyone should have a proper anointing, a brainstorming, a gripe session, a renewal of spirit, a blowing out of cobwebs, someone making all decisions about food for a span of time.

Frog Out

PS. I have to go home, much as I might not want to. One week to the arrival of one dozen new hens. G is working on the run as soon as he finishes redoing my cabin roof. All kinds of things were nesting in its rotting cedar shingles.