March 31st, 2008


Personal Fowl

There are still 16 hens, six old girls and 10 newbies. The newbies are still being hazed. Which is to be expected, I guess. I expect humans to rise above the cycle of hazing, but it's a bit much to expect similar noble behavior from chickens.

The Dude has taken it on himself to remind the old guard exactly who is Top Chicken in this part of the world. There can be Only One Rooster. Almost thirty years of living with The Dude and he is still boyish about animals. It's part of his charm, that he insists on mucking in animal behavior and that animals like him, accepting his outrageous interference. Me, I'm an observer of nature in situ.

Tax work proceeds. I've killed my right hand's tendons 10-keying by touch. They burn.

Rapping aggressive hens on the beak to make them stop pecking little ones has an effect. The brightest little ones want to ally themselves with The Top Chicken.

The Dude had a nasty sore throat yesterday, so he is definitely looking peakish in the following photos.

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