August 2nd, 2008


Hello August

Two posts in sad. But I am reading blogs again.

Work in the dining room continues, there's a photo link at the bottom of the posting.

Meanwhile, G is outraged by the resident woodchuck, now at least two woodchucks. There are no less than 3 vertical holes of size to twist an ankle in the dirt floor of the barn. Not to mention the various bolt holes dug under the walls for easy egress. So G found the trap we borrowed from a friend in 2000. (And never returned, though we meant to. At the time, we were trapping and relocating raccoons from our townhouse.) G set it in the barn on Wed. And immediately trapped a woodchuck. Either young or female, but definitely much smaller than our resident bachelor. (Although I think he got married this year.) So he relocated it. At least I hope he did. He drove it off in his truck and when he came back he described where he opened the cage. Or made it up. G is a writer, after all. He knows these roads and it wouldn't be difficult for him to interlace fiction with nonfiction just enough to make the story plausible. But since I don't want to know if something different was the woodchuck's fate, I'll buy his story. And since I'm paying him by the hour, I think I did. Though G just gets involved in our lives when he's here and does a lot without charging anything. Like paint splotches on my walls and talk about writing and listen to my stories about being in a hotel room with six men and a lot of wine.

Much of this week, G was on a Dude mission. The Dude has been meaning to build shelves in the basement for storage, but can't seem to get to it. So he sidetracked G to do it while we were waiting for the flooring to arrive. And now we have shelving in the unfinished part of the basement. And G pushed us to simply throw stuff away instead of donating it, to do the irresponsible thing and give it all to a landfill. Which we did, especially with stuff that had been in the "donate" pile for close to a year. And then there were the marital memory photos of places we've lived that were damaged by some water. And 2 boxes of vinyl records also water-damaged, though we have most of them on cd now. And a filing cabinet that seemed to attract cat pee. So while I'm missing my memories, I'm also many pounds lighter of sheer STUFF.

Frog Out
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