August 12th, 2008


Because It Was Worldcon

Goodness, what a whirlwind that was! Whew!

I am not, by nature a schmoozer. In fact, I'm the Anti-Schmoozer. "I Am A Rock" is my theme song. My natural habitat? The shadows and fringes where I'm not noticed and can observe and listen. Or somewhere where everyone else isn't. By myself. Surrounded by chickens.

So how cool is it to say that my Denver Worldcon experience was one meeting after another with some professional information thrown in for good measure? And that so many, many writers were gracious about agreeing to participate in a critiquing session for the creative writing track in Montreal?

scottedelman has my photo on his Sunday blog entry, taken by tcastleb with Scott's camera. That would be this photo:

I'll be one of Scott's moo cards!

I didn't take my camera, so all photos in this post are copyright as marked and courtesy of as marked. Scott's full flickr stream of Denvention photos is here:

Commentary on Denvention is going to be looooong, so I'll put a cut here: Collapse )