August 16th, 2008


What A Bunch Of Turkeys!!!

Now that I have your attention...

So things are moving along. G Dude has one plate rail in. Junk is being tossed. Treasures of all kinds are being bagged and taken to the landfill. It's hard being a family of packrats. I cleaned the dining room table of E's artwork from camp accumulated while I was in Denver and assorted construction bits and polished it yesterday. The next thing I knew the Dude and E were spreading battleship across it. "NO!" I cried. "Not the dining room table!" Empty surfaces in this house attract clutter. I sat looking at the mantelpiece this morning and it looked pretty good devoid of artwork and candles. Sort of like a mantel should.

Ok, so I was talking about turkeys. Turkey wrangling, to be exact. My leg was killing me last night and it may again today, but the 12 hour stuff hasn't worn off yet.
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Dread Pirate

In Nahant!!!

A really smooth drive from noon to 9pm. And I had to stop for gas at the start. One stop after that at the 6 hour point and E was pushing me to just gas and go, but we took a quick break anyway. Tunes were good and traffic was better. Flew across CT and MA, which is unusual. Our only slowdown was on the Tappan Zee Bridge. Nice to hear the ocean again. Everyone was here, a whole crowd waited for our arrival. My leg is pretty much as usual. Thanks for everyone's positive thoughts!

And now sleep, perchance to dream...

Frog Out