November 21st, 2008


It's Divine, Sublime, All Mine.

Chez Schoen has opened its doors just for little ol' me. Val should run a writing retreat for frazzled writers who need a bit of TLC while they work.

Great conversation over a fabulous dinner at some undisclosed location in the country...I swear we were halfway to Allentown. We talked writing and cons and all kinds of fun. klingonguy and I talked shop this morning, going over plotting and dark rooms and such wonderful stuff.

Val graciously agreed to help empty my refrigerator of 6 dozen eggs. Only 8 dozen left to go. And that was yesterday's count.

I now await a souffle for my breakfast...made with eggs I delivered, of course.

I heart Val. (And Lawrence ain't so bad, himself.)

That is all. As if a souffle made with Walkabout Farm eggs weren't enough in and of itself.

Frog Out