December 23rd, 2008


Feeling Victorian

Here on the farm We Are Not Amused.

We have now lost 3.2 chickens to hawks. The .2 is the girl that The Dude rescued from a hawk that was as big as the chicken. She seemed dead, but was breathing. He picked her up, limp, and took her into the coop where she stood up and hopped around, a huge gash in her neck. I now have a new idea for a vampire as this seems to be what the hawks do to our chickens. After rescuing her, we lost one the next afternoon at some point. There were only 15 when we went to close up the coop Sunday night. I don't know if these are our residents or if these are migrating, as some internet writings suggest. I do know that I am not encouraging the girls to go out, in fact, have left the hatch closed for entire days lately. We don't lose a chicken on those days.

It is also cold. It didn't break 30F yesterday, won't do much today. E had a doctor's appointment that took most of the day yesterday so I never made a fire. Not even in the evening because I took The Dude to Union Station in DC to catch a train to RI to arrive just before his father entered surgery in the morning. His father is now out and doing well, considering the seriousness of his condition.

So I'm fighting a dead cold in half the house with a single woodstove right now. And of course, the wood is still being uncooperative as we work our way down to the oldest parts where the wood is not beautifully split hardwood.

And my edit is calling me. But I wanted to let everyone know about the girls.

Frog Out