December 31st, 2008

Dread Pirate

On Publshing, POD, and Vanity

So, really. Is it vanity to self-publish a children's book if you are, indeed, a child?

I think not.

She gave me a copy for xmas. The chapters on Rainbow Tom and Goliath are the funniest, but Mrs. G is her favorite cat, so she got the first chapter. She took some of the photos, Maralton took some of the photos, I took some of the photos. You might recognize the cover photo from the blog post of the three boys on my laptop.

So if you know someone the right age, why not check it out? Or check it out anyway. And if you flip the pages, be sure to click on the back cover to see the back cover photo of the four cats.

The layout is courtesy of my oldest sister, Aunt Anne, noted photographer, nonfiction writer and small press publisher (very small).

There are photos of the author's reading here in Nahant on the last night of Hanukkah, which I hope to post later.

Frog Out
Dread Pirate

The Reading

E doesn't like it when I post about her on my blog, so we won't tell her I did.

Book screen capture:

The author's reading on the last night of Hanukkah to a select group. From the left, clockwise: Grandma, Oz, Maralton, Granddad, The Dude, Miss E, and Uncle Paul is at the bottom, barely seen. Photo by Auntie Anne.

Reading while her Dad follows along in her copy.

The author reading while granddad follows along in his own copy.

Hunkered Down

We are hunkered down in Nahant for a snowstorm. We packed up Maralton on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, staying Tues night until it was all done. Her place is a bit of a mess, but it's inner city and the landlord will have to gut and refit the unit anyway. (Plus, she had no deposit.) We've been hauling trash and sorting for days. We closed and locked the rental truck at about 9pm last night and headed for Nahant. We were planning to drive south today, but the weather worsened and the storm was due to arrive earlier, so we decided waiting a day wouldn't seriously change anything. Hopefully things will be clear enough this evening to go to dinner with my parents in Peabody. I'll leave it to The Dude to dig out my car.

Frog Out