January 5th, 2009

E scores!

I'll Just Start My Day Nicely, Ok?

Just when I thought that "Re\Creation" had received all the notice it was going to receive from various reviewers, I got a pleasant surprise. A review I can link to. One where the reviewer understood what I was reaching for when I wrote the story in the first place. The perspicacious (and voracious reader) Karen Burnham has reviewed the November issue here: http://spiralgalaxyreviews.blogspot.com/2009/01/analog-broke-out-of-its-stereotype-in.html.

And if you skim to the bottom, I have pride of place. The final paragraph in nonfiction is what you want a reader to take away with them. Her review of "Re\Creation."

Thank you Karen, for making my morning perfect. I have my cups of k-cup coffee (3 different kinds), I have a lovely review where a reviewer understood the gender issues, and I have a completed middle of the new fairy story.

Yes. You read that correctly. A completed middle. My hive mind had a second, larger, retreat over the weekend and I completed the middle section, nailed it down. I am now editing the climactic moments and then will edit the opening. Again, this was the correct way to approach this story. I have found, as the middle grew quite stout, that I can almost begin the story there without the opening. So while I'm enamored of the lyrical prose, I shall have to edit the opening with an eye to What Does A Reader Really Need To Know To Follow The Next Bits?

Frog Out

Edited to add:
While I was at the retreat, Maralton and The Dude put netting over much of the run so now the girls can go outside again. Maralton said all 15 stampeded out when she opened the hatch and immediately fought for dust bath spots against the barn wall. Happy girls.