January 11th, 2009


While I Was Away From LJ

The Dude has left for his annual convention with other Weatherdudes in Phoenix. We were supposed to go to see dancinghorse but because the service for the Dude's dad is next weekend, we changed our flights. I wanted to spend a fair amount of time with The Dude yesterday. He also made some soap with E. And they shopped for pulleys and pipes and hinges for a contraption project she has due in about 2 weeks.

I went to work on 4th quarter taxes for clients. It took time to get my pc up and running, to go through the list, check it twice, email everyone. One comment: how is it that people have a life and aren't just waiting for an email from their tax czarina on a Saturday night?

Today I drove the Dude to the airport, picked up some groceries and ate some french toast. It uses up eggs and crusts from E's sandwiches. Then I began vacuuming. Lots and lots of pine needles. Cat fur. All that wonderful stuff. And then I mopped a bit. I did some laundry, got E's hair washed, hauled wood for a fire. Installed some games on E's computer. That kind of day.

The house looks ok, but the organizing part Must Be Done. Tax season looms.

And then there are the "fixes" for the new fairy story. Mustn't forget those. It can get sent out and make some rounds while I'm doing tax returns. And if I could just get another one edited, it could do the same thing. Wow. What a concept. Send stories around when I'm not writing. I must write down these clever ideas I have.

Frog Out