March 29th, 2009

E on side


Twitter has suspended the account "cwalken." One can't even read the tweets any more. When I began following the feed, there were 20k followers. I picked it up off of someone's blog mention. When suspended this past Friday, the feed had about 75k followers.

The error is that the actor's, Christopher Walken's, photo was used as the header, leading one to believe that he was the author or that he authorized the posts. Had there been a less obvious photo used, well, it might still be out there.

I was never sure if it was Walken himself. I said to the Dude from the first post I read that there was an elegance to them that came from a writer. They had a roundness, an ending, all in 140 characters. It was like reading Haiku. They couldn't have been off the cuff, they were clearly thought out. I said if it was Walken writing, then he had incredible talent as a writer as well as an actor. The tweets were existential, elegant, and usually funny.

"I tell people I'm scared of horses to get out of being in parades, but I'm not really. Strange, I know. The horses get it."

That's as close as I remember to just one of many that made me laugh. You can google "cwalken" and "twitter" and find several articles on what happened.

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