May 30th, 2009


Sort Of On A Roll

Ok, well I said G Dude was here. Mostly he was here to finish replacing the paddock fence, which was wire and wooden post, with boards. Far more Virginian and pleasant to look at. We've decided not to paint the boards black, the typical color here. At night, when we go down to the coop, the Dude and I don't use flashlights. On a dark night, it's nice to have this vague glow of the fence visible. It sort of lets you know where the gate is. Those photos come later.

For Mother's Day I asked for the fire pit I've been wanting for 2 years now, even since I saw one at a neighbor's. Miss E wants to have a camp out at my cabin and what's a camp out without the cook out part? I think it's too dangerous to have an open fire at certain times of year, hence the fire pit idea. A fire pit is supposed to be put on stones or bricks. So I needed G Dude to put something together. It started as your engineering square when I wanted a circle and there were all these arguments about how far away from the cabin, etc. The engineers won, much to my dismay, about the square shape. Then G Dude found these pre-fab pavers. Totally man-made in different shades and textures, but only one shape. However, the shape gets rotated to fit against itself. It's a puzzle and what you end up with is something that looks more organic than it really is.

Oh, and I wasn't satisfied with a fire pit circle, puzzled or square. Once I saw these I wanted a path and a place to put chairs in front of the steps...
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