June 9th, 2009


Gray Morning

The stealth coon was around this morning when I got up. He wasn't as concerned as he had been in the past about my existence.

Water is my job. I fill water buckets and swish them out. Last night I took off fly masks and brushed horses that wanted brushing before dinner. Too windy to ride, the boss said. Not to mention both of us are exhausted by deadline stuff. I slept in the afternoon. I thought that would keep me up, but it didn't. I was asleep by 11. Up again at 5:30, pretty normal for me. Just west coast time. Should be interesting tomorrow night. I'll need to get to bed on east coast time.

Ephiny wanted me to brush her yesterday. She's not usually that interested in what I'm doing. But she kept coming back when someone else pushed her away. Ok. I got the message. Herd dynamics. It comes more naturally to me now.

Chopped up bits of the gen ship story. Some of the old writing was good enough to keep, has the right emotional level. Lots of it just has to go. You're not to know. I'm keeping you all in the dark as readers. Because I can. Well, no, not really. It's more because the inhabitants of the world don't notice what's different about their world. No referent.

Dogs to vet for shots today.

Frog Out
Ocotillo Sunset

From Gray To Technicolor Splendor

It has been gray most of the day, which was a novelty to me. Dry as it was (humid to locals) I was extremely comfortable today. When we went out at 7pm to feed the horses (too windy to ride), the gusts suddenly swelled to about 30mph. It will take me weeks to get the dust out of my eyelashes. I hid behind a horse more than once. Not much brushing and grooming going on during that. The trees rustle and things flap and the mares get antsy.

The wind shifted, a storm blew through, a few drops of rain, the SMELL of rain. Judy can smell it coming before I can because I'm used not used to smelling tiny bits of moisture and she is. The wind died down and rain fell somewhere else, against the mountains in the distance, near Saguaro National Park, I think, if I've figured out my directional navigation correctly.

But with all that moisture in the air, guess what? Well, you can see what. The incredible sunset is what. Click through for more photos from this evening. Technicolor splendor.

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