September 19th, 2009


Horse and Writing Stuff

Story #2 is...difficult. It didn't used to be. But now it is. Sigh. On the plus side, I figured some things out today. I figured out a technical detail that I must not try to slide by without proper knowledge so the significant detail is correct. Yes, it matters. And it's not one of those things I can just ask Weatherdude about. It's not physics. I already asked all the physics questions I needed to. I was all out of sorts and had to be pushed and prodded into evening horse work. It wasn't the right words before or after, but yes, it makes a difference. Working takes you out of yourself. So does sleeping, but animals always come before sleep, as children do.

So there's another photo of Judy on Capria and me on Pandora, but this is the one I want to blog. Stacey taught me to do ground work with Pandora and I was practicing that tonight. What was fascinating and really took me out of myself was that Tia decided she wanted to mirror what Pandora was doing, on my other side. At first I wasn't sure what she was up to and I worried that she would upset Pandora. But she didn't. She was thinking and trying to learn and Pandora respected that, clearly. Here I am, between the two of them and only Pandora has a bridle on. But Tia walked as if she wore one too. When the time comes and she has her growth, she's going to be all ready to go under saddle. When this photo was taken Pandora was saddled and this was the second time Tia shadowed us. She did it before Pandora was saddled, when I was walking her on her halter.