September 28th, 2009


State of the Stories & Etc...

I have some weird night-images of the horses where I sort of pointed my camera into the dark and let it catch whatever with the flash. If any are good enough, I'll post them. I didn't want to directly put that flash into a horse's face. The theory being that if it destroys my night vision, it probably destroys theirs too.

Story #2 sits for the moment. Three tax returns must be gone by the 15th, just over 2 weeks from now. So that work comes first. I was going to work on story #2 on the plane, but I ended up in a 4.5 hour conversation with the dude sitting next to me from Vegas to DC. Fascinating guy, the conversation ranged all over the place.

Story #1 has made it through the readers. All I can say is, line edits suck rocks. Sigh. If they can't find anything with the storytelling to quibble with, some of my readers seem to then focus on my language. So now it's my job to go into the draft and weigh each line edit offered. None are from an editor/purchaser, so it's still my choice. The wording "It's hardly my concern" vs. "It's not my concern" is not interchangeable when it's dialog. It would change the character of the speaker, the rhythm of how this character speaks. And more than one reader has stumbled on the ultimate line, which shall also have to go under review.

That said, it's clear that story #1 is finished. These are fairly easy fixes, requiring about 1 work day to complete to my own satisfaction. So Tucson was a success in that one story will go out looking for a home and the other is much further along than it was.

In other news, The Dude, Miss E, and I had a private family yoga session yesterday which was a great deal of fun, except for the part where I was doing the yoga workout. No, srsly. A good time was had and we think we'll do it as a regular Sunday morning thing.

Miss E and I went to The Dude's office and helped him move two floors to his new location for the new job that begins today. I realized I hadn't been there since he made major. Ummm, that would be somewhere between 15 and 20 years ago. Not all that much had changed. The layout was surprisingly familiar to me. (He's worked other places inbetween, it's just sort of natural that he's circled back to Weather Central here in the DC area as a civilian.)

But the weekend's success was the disposal of our 53 inch rear projection tv. A huge monster The Dude and I purchased at great expense the year Miss E was born when we realized that our movie theater days were over. You can't give one of these away. No lie. The Washington Post says so too. So it sat in the driveway for a couple of weeks waiting for the twice yearly 'large electronics' recycling day. For the fee of $20, someone will dispose of it for you and presumably recycle any internal components. Getting it to the location required the rental of a vehicle large enough to house it. Overly large as it turned out, but with a ramp and that proved to be most useful. The thing does weigh quite a bit. The Dude and I added a few monitors, an electric typewriter, and another ancient tv to the stash for a total recycling fee of $49. Truck rental about the same. The relief of getting rid of the thing was worth every penny.

Frog Out