November 24th, 2009


John Kessel Blogs! (Sort Of)

In another of the continuing series of smashing interviews in the Super-Sekrit Clubhouse, marshallpayne1 has just released an interview with Dr. John Kessel, Nebula winner twice over. Drop on by and leave a comment, would you? Especially if you've ever had him as an instructor or writer in residence.

John co-taught my final two weeks at Clarion with Jim Kelly in :::cough, cough::: 1996, so I'm partial, but I think he's a brilliant writer. But don't take my word for it. ABC dramatized one of his stories in "Masters of Science Fiction" a year or so back and he's traveled all over as an honored guest.

Marshall's interviews always draw something special out about process or the field. All you have to do is go back and read a few: Mike Allen, Jim Kelly, Greg Frost, all of them, in fact. So drop in, put your feet up. The drinks and munchies are free and you're always welcome in the clubhouse. Until we kick you out.

Frog Out

Duelling Ozzes At Philcon

Yes, apparently you can have two Ozzes in one physical location without spontaneous combustion. Here I (Oz Drummond) am with my counterpart (Oz Fontecchio) who wanted to know what "Oz" is short for in a woman's name. Why, it's short for "Osbert" of course!

Vickie Janssen (oracne) thought the idea was so funny that she needed to take a pic. Thanks, Vickie!