November 27th, 2009

NaNo 2009

Process Continues to Amaze

Probably only amazes me, though.

36k, which is definitely behind the count, but not impossibly so. Philcon was a bust this year for writing. Last year I did really well, finished a story. But this year I was 'on stage' and that seemed to occupy my time pretty thoroughly. Tom Doyle wasn't all that helpful, either. He did a great job of creating distractions from time to time. Others are also to blame.

The lack of writing created a burst of writing on Wednesday during the drive to Boston. 5100 words written before my battery died and I could have kept going. We were only at the Tappan Zee Bridge, halfway in terms of time on the road. A new story came pouring out of me. Alas, I'm now having trouble grabbing at the energy of that story again. I don't really want it to be one of my 'broken' drafts that never gets finished.

I had no idea I could pour out that many words in one 'sitting.' I'll have to do it again on the way home to have a shot at the brass ring of 50k of fiction to be edited later.

Learning things, I am. Next up, teaching my editor to edit. But as for the blog, I have new and different things to post about: kittenz and some personal journey stuff and yes, I shall go back to talking about chickens at some point. I think the next time I drive to a con, I'll post an egg sale. I was only able to shed 3 dozen at Philcon and another 3 here in Boston. There are still about 7 dozen in the fridge at home.

Frog Out
Taos Toolbox Oz

Special Thanks for Non-Writing Influences

I do want to start some part of this now. Can't wait. (Which means I'm procrastinating NaNo, but I'm still going to do it.)

I would like to thank people who have provided fundamental inspiration. They don't necessarily know what they've done, they didn't necessarily mean to do it. Doesn't matter. It's not about writing, so those of you who inspire my writing are still, and always, my writing buddies and my writing inspiration and people I love dearly. I'm not going to try to list those.

First up: valverdi. Don't try to go see her LJ. She doesn't post. But some of you know who she is. She remains one of my important guiding lights because where she's going, I seem to be following.

Second up: scottedelman for reasons of a discussion we had at Capclave. Another rock in my life, not because he's doing it on purpose, but because he's a living example. Go read the title for his LJ. "Ever Tried. Ever Failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better." I'm starting to get that. And again, for me right now, it's not a writing thing.

Third up: Luc Reid's willpowerengine. Luc has been there, done that. These posts are sometimes behind where I am, sometimes ahead. But they make me think and they provide that incentive to keep going.

Fourth up: kellyoyo and planetalyx for 2 years of change and maintaining change and supporting each other through it all.

These five are proof positive that change is possible. That even though I've been there and done that, I should try to do it again. And again. Until I internalize change.

Frog Out