December 6th, 2009

Mouse King's Face

Work, work, work...

The holidays are sneaking up on me. Aieeee!

I drifted around the past week after NaNo was finished. Well, not quite. I finished up several household things that needed doing, tax things, taking people to airports and doctors, etc. It was truly weird not having the pressure of generating word count hanging over my head.

I took stock of my writing inventory, listing out what's done and what's not done and where the issues might be in finishing some of it. I've segregated out the two NaNo pieces that are meant to be longer. And (drum roll), I've segregated out the faery stories into a separate Scrivener file. There are now four of them. I feel ready to tackle the Mouse King again, get that into its final shape. That's a good intro story that leads to And From His Lips, which leads to The Mouse King's Revenge (drafted this NaNo). The fourth story is from earlier and is a story I began years ago but never finished. I had it in the NaNo pile this year, but my drafts went in other directions.

While in NaNo, I discovered more about the faery stories and family structures, naming conventions, etc. The Dude helped me get LOTS of weather names. Rebecca may be pleased to learn that one of the fairies is named "Virga." And somewhere in all of this is a noodling idea that SunDog will have his own story, too. And Blossom will need another one as well. Now there's a pair that would have interesting conversations. Hmmmm.

Frog Out


As promised, early in November...

In order of arrival:
Mrs Gaines (now deceased), the Queen
PD, a guard cat, 12 years old
Rainbow Tom, the Regent, almost 6 years old
Goliath, a guard cat, 13 years old

Shy Ozzie (girl)
Doodledorf Casey (girl)
Phineas (boy)
Ferb (boy)
Grady (shy boy)

What's amazing is how distinctive the kitten personalities are, even at 6 months old. And, as The Dude says, not a dud in the bunch. Each one has his/her charms and foibles. Thank goodness for living in the country and in a fairly open house plan. Eight cats is not something you want to try in a more limited living space. All of them can now go outdoors...pity the weather's getting colder already.

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