December 29th, 2009

Dread Pirate

The Right to "Meep!"

The following youtube video needs some introduction...or none, depending on your perspective. Recently Walter Jon Williams blogged this article: Go take a look. The unapproved use of the word "meep" may well result in your suspension. While I understand that such a thing could escalate beyond an administration's ability to control it, the promised punishment seems extreme, imo. Back in the day, the random use of "meep" would have been something we did in the halls of my own high school. It would be a branding of who was in the know and who wasn't. And had the administration forbidden it, we would have continued to "meep" anyway, risking suspension. Well, the art room crowd would have. The college-bound might have hesitated, those folks worried about getting into the right school. My Chorale director probably would have included the following in one of our concerts, as a pre-meditated, fully authorized, thumb your nose, use of "meep."

Frog Out