January 10th, 2010


Comparisons Are Odious, But...

This afternoon I was playing Nanook of Virginia and making comparisons.

Weatherdude cut wood yesterday and today he was using the splitter. I was issued a Very Strong Hint that I might go out and stack wood. Miss E was (finally) working on her latest novel study. January is SF and Fantasy month. Yes, I know. So many possibilities. But what does she choose? A Really Bad Novel. Based on a Disney cartoon, no less. *sigh* I hope that by not pressing the matter, she will someday discover the really good stuff that's all over the house. The Dude and I gave her half a dozen fantasy novels at her reading level for Xmas. She's at least interested in most of them, though "The Tale Of Despereaux" fell flat. I started to read it aloud and she did get interested. It's a great book for reading aloud and I was stunned by how good the narrative is. But I digress.

Miss E began work on her novel study project and I went outside like a dutiful Bollywood wife, having just enjoyed watching "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi" the night before. Well, not really. Dutiful wives don't grumble to themselves about how it's cold and how this isn't the way they wanted to spend Sunday afternoon and how it was more of an edict than a request and how... But I digress.

The point is that I went out. Since the splitter is loud, it was impossible to hold even a one-sided conversation with The Dude. (The Dude misses working with my Dad who doesn't talk much.) So I had a running conversation with myself instead, an internal monologue. I do that a lot. As I stacked wood I talked about how cold it was. And how I wasn't really dressed to keep warm. And how cold my feet were. And how cold it must be on Mars, where David Levine is. And how much easier it was to stack wood without wearing an EVA suit. I wouldn't want to be stacking wood wearing an EVA suit. I wouldn't be stacking wood wearing an EVA suit because there isn't any wood on Mars. Where David Levine is. And that in a couple of weeks Virginia will warm up, as it typically does, the winters being fairly mild. But Mars, where David Levine is, won't ever warm up. If I were on Mars, I'd be cold the entire time. I'd never feel warm, no matter what I did. But I'll go inside and build a fire in the woodstove and that should warm me up. David Levine won't have a fire tonight. He doesn't have a woodpile either. This part of the woodpile is going to fall over because the pieces are so short. Especially if the cats keep walking on it. David Levine doesn't have a cat on Mars right now. That probably bums him out. It would bum me out. No cats and feeling cold all the time. But I'm still filled with envy. Even if I don't have to wear an EVA suit to stack wood.

Frog Out

David is posting his reports to lj and they're here on the MDRS site: http://desert.marssociety.org/mdrs/fs09/ Click on Crew 88.