February 10th, 2010


Still Online...as of now

I'm still online, which means the satellite dish is still sufficiently free of ice and snow that I can get a signal. And the skies aren't so filled with water vapor that we can't get a line into space. The same is true for the tvs at the moment. Power is still on, which is also necessary for internet and tv. Heat is on, well is on, septic is on, and (thank goodness) the coffee maker is on. The Dude and I brewed a lot of coffee last night, just in case. One k-cup at a time, into more than one thermos.

The winds are coming, though. I've been through this before, in Nebraska. It's nothing new. But it's a bit of an adrenaline rush, nonetheless. Here's hoping all my various friends in the path of this storm are safe and warm and hunkered down.

Frog Out

The Word From The Front Lines

Word from the front lines is that we have about 8 inches or so of new snow, but it has drifted across our driveway up to Weatherdude's chest. A bit higher than a snow blower can handle. The end of the driveway where it joins the access road is especially deep. Mind you, this was down to packed snow of maybe an inch yesterday and posed no problem. We shall have to wait for the winds to die down and go at it. We have power, tv, internet, but we are now truly snowed in. The neighbors are in better shape because most of their snow is on our driveway now.

Frog out