February 12th, 2010


A Tale Of Two Storms

There were actually three storms. Storm #1 was maybe 5 inches...it's faded from my memory already. Storm #2 was 30.5 inches. Storm #3 was 8 inches, but you would never know it because we had blizzard conditions with winds 35mph and gusting to 50mph. Storm #1 was a bit south and west of us, storm #2 was due east of us, and storm #3, thankfully, was centered northeast of us. Weatherdude had me prepared for all three (and that clipper system coming on Monday next) a good 5 days in advance with storm snow totals I could work with. Heck, when it's over a foot, I'm not too fussy about whether it's 2 feet or 2.5 feet. It's not very relevant. And when it came to storm #3, it was nice to have confidence that it would *not* be another 30 inches or even 20, but 10 inches or less. He is Mighty, is Weatherdude. Years of experience with east coast storms and there's that PhD thing, too.

My hands are pretty sore from shoveling. But the story goes like this...Storm #1 was cleared out handily by the snow blower and The Dude shoveled out both cars before he left for work. Storm #2 was much more of a challenge, being 30.5 inches of new snow. We waded to the internet dish and waded to the heat pump. (We? The Dude did that.) I helped dig out the cars and around the house. The snow started on Friday afternoon. By Sunday afternoon (Super Bowl Day), we were out on the roads in both our cars, but hadn't dug out my sister yet. To do this, Weatherdude had blown the entire length of the driveway and in the main car area around the house. We had carefully removed the 30 inches from the two cars and carried each shovelful to a pile. Putting it on the driveway would have meant even more work with the snow blower. So the sensible thing was to lift each shovel bit and carry it ten or twenty feet. Because it's a wee bit tight with 2 cars and there's nowhere to flip the snow. You'll see.

We were out and running around from Sunday through Tuesday. We'd lost power on Friday night into Saturday, but basically our spirits were pretty good and the neighbors had power and fed us hot food. Then late on Tuesday, storm #3 hit. And hit. And hit. The snow finally stopped late afternoon Wed, but the winds didn't. The Dude had blown 2/3 of the driveway clear on Wed afternoon. On Thursday morning, it was completely filled in again. What you will see in the Storm #3 set is ONLY 8 inches of snow. Really. Weatherdude is 5'7" for comparison. Where we were sheltered around the house, we did fine and kept the car area and the path to the barn fairly clear. But what's called our driveway will fill your soul with dread. Weatherdude began looking for front-end loaders or bobcats. I shoveled. He shoveled. Maralton shoveled and also kept us fed. We used the snow blower to widen what we'd shoveled to car width. Based on Thursday's progress, it would take us 3 days of work to get out. G-Dude arrived this morning and he shoveled too. From the outside in. At about 3pm, Weatherdude took a call from a guy with a bobcat, just as he met up with G-Dude. And the rest is being done by bobcat. With a slight delay for ditching the bobcat off the driveway at the very start, that is.

And I just typed way more than I thought I would, but I'm a really wordy writer. For the interested, the chickens all have cabin fever, but they simply don't do the white stuff. By now they could walk on it just fine. It's even with the level of their hatch. But I'm kind and I've put food and water in the coop for them every day. Most days I have to empty and refill their bucket due to icing overnight.

The Teaser...we got us some mean icicles here on Walkabout Farm.

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