April 19th, 2010



Thank you to everyone who tiptoed in and left good wishes while I was napping. No, srsly. Mucho appreciated. I wanted to post SOMETHING because I've been offline for so long, but had no energy. None. Nada. I was fine on Friday up to 6pm. Then I just dropped in my tracks. Sat and Sun weren't any better, though I made it to Scott Edelman's annual daffodil party. I have so much I want to blog about and couldn't organize a single thought except how tired I was. Hence, the very short post.

Weatherdude is off at this weather thing this week. He has a 90 minute presentation tomorrow. It's a total NWS weather geekery meeting at a resort 20 miles east of us. So we came up with the idea that I could commute. Put the kid to bed, drive to the hotel, drive home in the morning to get her off to school. Around here, that's an easy drive. And believe me, I'd be bored silly sitting in the hotel room or listening to weather geekery. He's busy from about 7am to 9pm every day. And this place is still in the middle of nowhere, despite Loudoun being one of the country's fastest-growing counties.

So why am I even mentioning it? Because it broke open something. It's not like I rested, it's not like I had some spa treatment or something. It's not like I had a relaxed evening or morning. But by changing the venue, even for a few hours, I came back to life. Weird, huh? Now I'm rarin' to get crackin' on some writing and will soon stop flapping my fingers in the blogosphere.

Frog Out

There Might Still Be Room In Taos For You

Pass it along.

Walter Jon Williams and Nancy Kress are teaching Taos Toolbox in New Mexico in June. The last I heard, he had some wiggle room for a few more applications. The size of the group is adjustable. So you might just consider going, if you haven't been considering it. http://www.taostoolbox.com has all the info and dates and a contact email for Walter in case you want to ask him if you can still apply or if he's ready to form the group and let them introduce themselves to each other.

You don't have to have gone to Clarion or Odyssey to go to TT. We had a couple of folks who had never been to a face to face critique before. And we had one or two who had never done any formal critiquing at all, not even online. Everyone did fine. If they hadn't said, no one would have known. It's more about where your writing is than what workshop or writing class you've attended. Heck, some folks have been to Odyssey and Clarion and still aren't ready for a TT level workshop. (But don't tell them I said that.)

Has no one mentioned it? Two of this year's Nebula nominations in the short story category were attendees of TT. One from each of the two years Walter has put it together. The nominee from my year had published poetry in the past, but had never published in genre. But we all knew his stories were going to be something special.

And have I not mentioned it? I'm going to go to TT and work on my novel, which has been gathering dust for the past five years while I worked on short stories. I liked the experience so much the first time, got so much out of it, that I wanted to go again. Sure, some of it will be a repetition, no doubt. But believe me, it was a huge amount of material to absorb and I didn't absorb it all. Also, my focus was different. I was in a different place in my writing than I am now.

So this is my plug, one last time, for a really special two weeks of writing focus and the amazing bouncing creative energy that comes from a dynamic group.

Frog Out