May 1st, 2010


Blogging From Vegas

I have a three hour layover in Vegas today on my way home. We were up until nearly 1AM, which is fine for Judy, but for Barbara and I, it was nearly 4AM. Of course, Barbara and I were drinking shots of tequila. But not many. Just to celebrate. Honest. I drank a lot more shots on April 15th than I did last night. So this morning was a scramble to get packed and off to the airport. I didn't get to help with morning chores in the barn and that bummed me. I know Pandora knows I'm going, knows I'll be back. She has a weird time sense and quite frankly, I can feel her nearby at times, even though I live thousands of miles away.

Oh. Yeah. Sorry. You want the photos. I didn't get any of my gorgeous nephew and his gorgeous wife who drove all the way from Phoenix to visit with me. But I did get photos in Saguaro National Park in the morning.

Barbara Frost and Judith Tarr dancinghorse

And the desert...

In case you didn't know, Saguaro NP is just a few miles from Judy's, around a ridge.

Beeeee the Saguaro...

Frog Out