May 12th, 2010


Insanity Strikes

There is a line somewhere and the household has now crossed it. My yoga instructor donated another cat to us. He's Benny. He's awesome. But on the other hand, he's another cat. So now there are nine. Which means there are 81 lives running around the house and it's feeling crowded. Add the human lives and that's 85. Benny thinks our house is crowded too.

But he's a love. No one was sleeping on the master bed and now Benny is. He didn't get to do that in his old house. He's also made friends with Phineas, the total doodlehead. But who doesn't make friends with Phineas?


Benny has also made friends with Miss E. He likes her bed too, but we're still shutting him in our room at night. No sudden cat fights, please. Benny is something of an alarm clock. He gets very chatty at 4:30 and the Dude has been sleeping late. Benny makes sure he gets up.

Sometimes, when there are 4 micro cats chasing each other into our bedroom, Benny thinks it's a bit much. He's hissed at them, though he stopped hissing at Phineas. Everyone does. And Ferb. Because Ferb is just unflappable. But the micro cats are used to the grownup cranky cats, so Benny hasn't fazed them at all.

But yes, when you have a baseball team (minus the designated hitter) of cats, you have one heck of a lot of cats. Even if half of them are micro cats. Thankfully, they all enjoy spending a great deal of time outdoors.

And here's something else from AZ, just to offset this insanity...

Try and find the twisty saguaro.