May 15th, 2010


On the Road

Still no photo of Benny. Patience is advised.

I'm on the road this weekend. First a long client meeting in Philly followed by a convivial evening with klingonguy and valverdi. Then, the next day, a six hour nonstop drive to Boston. The shortest mileage is always right through NYC. And as it would be mid-day, I decided that I would figure out the route once and for all time. Because an acquaintance in NYC keeps telling me that she's very easy to get to from Riverside Drive and very much on my way and that she would very much like me to drop off some eggs one day. Ergo, must grapple with my NYC fears and conquer them.

A little freaky, but doable, from 95 to the GW Bridge to the Henry Hudson Parkway and on to the Merritt, etc. Once I'm in Westchester County and White Plains, I'm fine. Home turf. Waved in the direction of matociquala as I went by Hartford. Just because I always think of her as part of Hartford and my part of New England. Wished I had time to go up to Western Mass for a few days. I miss it so much.

On to Boston. I'm here to spend a day visiting with my mother, a long overdue visit. She's had some decline, but when I spoke to her on Mother's Day she remembered Walkabout Farm and all the cats and chickens. But my father said that Friday morning she didn't remember who I was or where I lived. And that's a first. Perhaps that's my fault for not calling more often? But once I was there, she seemed to know who I was, even if her consciousness was vague. She liked my skirt, the way it swished. Her conversation was all over the place and full of vague references to false memories. But she was chipper and eating well.

I'm going to go there today and will show her photos of her granddaughter, Walkabout Farm, the horses in AZ. She loves to hear stories still and I'm hoping the photos will jog something, bring back a wealth of memories. At any rate, I'm glad I didn't wait until July, my next scheduled trip north.

Meanwhile, shall also be working on draft to submit to the TT workshop. I had switched to 3rd person limited, but it's not working for me. I seriously think this draft wants to be in 1st person.

Frog Out