May 19th, 2010



My car was fixed at 10:30 Tuesday, so I decided to go for the drive. 9.5 hours with a really long stop to rest just over halfway. More stuff on car not quite right, including losing the passenger side wiper arm during rain. I was reminded of my mortality more than once during this drive. 'Nuff said.

So...yes, I'm home. And this is Benny. More Benny spam to follow, oodles of it. He likes the cat tree since he's not yet allowed outdoors. Weatherdude will probably take him out this weekend. He now owns the house at large and All Nine (count 'em!) Cats are getting along fairly well. When I arrived home last night I was struck by how many cats we have. It's not quite such a shock when half of them are out, but all were in last night when I arrived and antsy from the rain.


Cat Yoga

Mindy's yoga studio was flooded from a pipe breaking in January and she's still waiting to get her space back. So for the past few months, private yoga sessions have been at my house. In the winter it was nice to have them by the fire. Today, I needed stretching after the long drive and had a private with Mindy. And a helper. Thomas decided to help stretch out my back and rode along through cat and cow stretches. Downward facing dog was too much for him and he jumped off. And no, no one placed Thomas on my back. He climbed up on his own when I was in child's pose and Mindy was pushing me down. It was just a race to get the camera at that point.

Child's Pose with Mindy pushing down my lower back and Thomas assisting

Side View...

Then we do Cat and Cow stretches.
Here is Cat. Literally.

Phineas believes a good cat stretch requires more than one cat.

And here is a Cow. With assisting cat.

And people tell me I should just take a yoga class. What, and miss out on this?