May 30th, 2010



I have been to Balticon and watched as the masses adored klingonguy at his double book launch. I have a copy of Allembical 2, I do. It was sort of a shot-gun con. I arrived at 8pm on Friday and was still working on my sub for the first week at TT. The Dude and Miss E arrived late the next afternoon. The Dude gave a talk on Sunday morning about, guess what, WEATHER! Sheesh. He loves that stuff.

I pulled the plug on my first two chapters and submitted them. I am, of course, not satisfied with them. But that's the whole point. If I were, I wouldn't be going to TT, I'd be plugging away here at home. All of a sudden, I had that "this stinks" feeling. It doesn't. It really doesn't. Many have told me so. I have to believe that I can figure out how to execute the editing into a final product, that I can train my editrix. Which includes teaching her not to trample all over the creative genius child inside me with her hob-nailed boots.

Cats greeted me when I came home. Not by saying "oh, were you gone?" but by purring and shedding all over me. ahhh. home sweet home.

panic! I have things to do before I leave for NM! Oh and Dennis Hopper is to be buried in Taos, but no arrangements have been made yet. Gulp. Wanna bet the whole town is full of folks for that when we're also there? No takers.

Frog Out