May 31st, 2010


Horse Yoga

There's an old Jane Fonda movie called "Cat Ballou." It sort of dates you if you know this movie well. Lee Marvin won an Oscar for Best Actor. Those in the know have one simple shot in mind when they think of the movie and his performance. The morning after a bender, sitting on the back of his horse, leaning against a wall. His horse has its front legs crossed and is also leaning, looking as dissipated as his rider. Many people thought the horse deserved the Oscar.

I give you: Son of Cat Ballou. Khep the wonder gelding, doing horse yoga to get at some hay left in the saddling enclosure. Proving that horse in Cat Ballou was 1) not a fluke; and 2) not nearly as flexible as Khep. Photo courtesy of tcastleb.

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