August 1st, 2010


Updates Writing Workshop, Etc.

The writing workshop for Raleigh and ReConStruction is full, closed, distributed. Thank you everyone who reposted and spread the word. Although the workshop was announced on the con website for about 2 months, most of the submissions came from the viral word of mouth on the blogs. It's smaller than the Worlcon workshops, but based on demand, it's the right size at four sections. I'm deeply grateful to the people donating their time as pros. And some of the stories rock. All of them are decent and show a good level of writing.

I'm now making sure that every section knows where and when to meet. It's all over that the printed program released has glitches in it. Yes. It does. But there is logic in there and a pattern and that's what I'm using.

So. I'll be on the road to Raleigh on Wed morning.

Just as soon as I kick whatever it is that I've currently got that has me coughing and with a low fever. It's been making the rounds all up and down the east coast, I hear. But I blame the Dude for giving it to me. He thought it was just his sinuses.

Frog Out