August 16th, 2010


No One Believes Me...

Everyone asks, what's a birdhousefrog? I tell them it's my icon up there. That's a frog in a birdhouse. Down by the chicken run. And people just scratch their heads. Here at Walkabout Farm we're observant about the little things. We live close to nature in a lot of ways, but with our modern conveniences. While I'm happy to use wood from the property in my woodstove, I do like my air conditioning when it's hot or muggy. But we still take time to go out and smell the flowers. Or peek in the birdhouses. We have a robin's house that the robins have never used. It's in a heavily trafficked area, right by the driveway, but on the backside of that fence. Still, no robin has ever selected it. But this year, a frog did. So I present, for your enjoyment, NEW birdhouse frog photos.

This is a short fence at the garage end of the driveway by the house:

This unused robin birdhouse is pretty venerable. I suspect it's 7 years old. The Dude likes the way the natural light shows the weathering and how the frog's coloring matches it.

I took a number of shots of the frog, up close and personal, in natural light. This is under several pine trees in the late afternoon.

It's wickedly difficult to hold the camera steady in that light. I didn't want to alarm the frog too much and at the same time, I wanted to get a good, close shot.

And at this point, to be sure I had something nice and sharp, I gave up and used the flash. But only once. The frog does not look happy about it.

I'll have a new frog icon as soon as I cut and upload. Though I must say, the circularity of the other birdhouse's door still appeals to me.