August 17th, 2010


A Different Sort of Birdhouse

Looking back, I didn't every post photos last year of the final stage of the Dude's office. I think that's because I was gone when G-Dude was completing the work and because the Dude never completely got his things unpacked and put away. He was doing some of that over the weekend, guilted into it by all the work done in the room next to his. It's all perspective. We can't show any photos of my office, btw. I can barely get in there. A bomb will have to explode. Books will have to be donated.

Meanwhile, back in the birdhouse, here are some before photos:
The Dude's office as it was emptied...

We use the foyer to store stuff temporarily. The goal is that it eventually gets emptied again, but since we never use the front door, we sometimes fall short of that goal.

And this is a blurry before of the tv room, taken by Miss E:

And I forgot I had this photo...this is during the process. Note the foyer. For two weeks, that's where the tv was. And a large couch. And all the dvds. Etc.

And the other bookcase's contents were piled in the Dude's office as well as one of Miss E's desks. But a lot was piled into the guest bedroom. And then a guest was imminent, requiring that it all be unpiled again by sorting and tossing, etc.

And now, you get to click through for the results of my version of urban renewal...Collapse )