October 7th, 2010


CAPCLAVE! (oh, wow, I'm posting something)

Fall is in the air. We had record highs (almost 100 degrees F), but then the cold snap set in and I finally turned on the heat when the house dropped to 65. And rain, good soaking rain. Further east they had almost a foot in some places. They're at sea level and that's just not good. Here, we had about 5 inches total from 3 storms. Fall is usually dry, so this was nice after such a dry summer.

It's after the equinox and the sun is just coming up when I go down to let the chickens out. Yesterday, I thought someone's headlights were on out of the corner of my eye. No, it was the sun trying to get under the cloud cover on the horizon. Another morning, I was greeted with a red orb through the trees. This is my time of year, my imagination runs rampant.

And that means Capclave is in a few weeks. With a very big surprise. I will be reading something, a very short something, as part of the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading. I haven't read aloud in many, many moons. Not much call for tax accountants to do dramatic readings, is there?

Anyway, Capclave features Connie Willis and Ann and Jeff VanderMeer this year. This is going to be a lot of fun. (Next year, Catherynne Valente and Carrie Vaughn also promises to be fun.)

My schedule:
8:00 pm
Plaza II
Writers and the Internet: When is Enough Enough?
Panelists: Oz Drummond, Walter H. Hunt, Tee Morris, Karen Wester
Newton, Jeff VanderMeer, Jean Marie Ward
How much of the Internet is needed for an author to successfully
promote themselves and their works? And how much is too much?

This will be a fun panel, not least of which because my presence has dropped to mostly comments these days. But I've followed Jeff's blog for several years and I know Walter and Karen. Jean Marie is another Broad, I'll be working with her on Sat night too. And we'll all have clever things to say.

And then, I don't even leave the room for my second panel...

9:00 pm
Plaza II
Connie WIllis and Boats: what's up with this?
Panelists: Oz Drummond, Doug Fratz, Jim Freund (M), Connie Willis
Rowing up the Thames and sailing on the Titanic; Connie seems to have
a thing for boats. And time travel... and humor... and so much more.
Panelists will examine the various elements that make up our Guest of
Honors work, perhaps with a bit of tongue in cheek.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Jim Freund is a great moderator and speaker and Connie is always funny. If we're not careful, she'll just run away with the panel. I've been digging up Connie dirt.

Last, but not least, the BU reading on Saturday...

Broad Universe RapidFire Reading
Panelists: Oz Drummond, Kelly A. Harmon, Dina Leacock, Jean Marie
the women authors of Broad Universe serve up tasty bites of fiction...and
free chocolate!

Yes, this conflicts with the dinner hour a bit. But seriously. You need to be there or I'll be like Punxsutawney Phil and shall go back into my underground burrow for another 15 years.

Frog Out

PS: NaNoWriMo is just around the corner and yes, I'm participating. It's a chance to generate a first draft of the gen ship novella, though I'll need yet another story idea or two to make 50k. Meanwhile, MK edits continue. What's that? Bang out 50k on Anna? Hmmmm. I hadn't thought of that.