October 18th, 2010


Stink Bugs

Oh, now there's a blogging topic that has you riveted, right? Well, maybe not. But right now, stink bugs are in the foreground around here, in this corner of Virginia, the top item people talk about, pushing out the weather, as in when is the first frost and how much rain do we still need and is the ground too soft for fox hunting (that last overheard at the health food store).

"So, do you have lots of stink bugs?"
"Oh, yuck, yes. Thousands of them. A lot more than last year. They're all over the screens and we're keeping all the windows and doors closed to keep them out."

A good idea, one much touted on the news, but impractical when one has indoor/outdoor cats who always want to be where they're not. Even against stink bugs, nine cats and their annoying requests win the day.

And below the cut, I describe my battles with the bugs and my conclusions about how to deal with them.
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